How To Brand Yourself: Who Are You? [5 Helpful Branding Tips]

Branding creates a lot of confusion and as it goes, there is a lot of talk going around about it.

Whether you’re a new business owner or one who needs to reinvent your brand, you need to know how to use it to help you reach more people.

Your brand is not just your Logo or your Company Name, unless of course you are Apple, McDonalds, or Mercedes Benz.

Your brand is the core of your marketing. It’s the central theme around your products and services.

For people to come and hire you, or buy from you in droves, your brand needs to be crystal clear, attractive, exciting, and powerful. In fact, your brand needs to be powerful enough to rouse your customers into action, and at the same time it needs to actively express you-what you’re about and your uniqueness.

Once you are sure of your brand, you also gain a tangible and easy way of talking to people about what you do. It makes it so much easier to do your marketing when you make clear in your mind what it is you’re selling in the first place.

When you’re creating your brand you are creating a memorable marketing message that will inspire people to take action and choose you over your competitors.

Here are five useful tips to help you find your brand:

Branding Tip #1 – It’s a matter of emotions. You know that people buy based on emotions-yes, people buy based on feelings. Your brand should evoke emotions that resonate with your ideal customers. Your brand is the core of what you do-at the deep seat of the core is a very specific feeling. What feelings or emotions does your business inspire in you and in your customers?

Branding Tip #2 – Impressions are important too. How will you present yourself? Think about it-not just on your website, but when people see you, talk to you on the phone, or read your email. Is your marketing consistently saying what you want it to? Are people getting confusing messages from you, or is it clear from the start what you do?

Side note: Just know that some people will complain, nitpick, and criticize no matter what – don’t worry about them. Stay focused.

Branding Tip #3 – Step into their shoes-get inside your prospective customer’s head. See your services and products from their point of view. This branding tip is about integrating your operations strategy into your brand – don’t separate it out. How does the customer experience make them feel?

Branding Tip #4 – How do you stand out? What’s your differentiator? Being different for the sake of being different is not what I mean. This is where your research comes into play. If you know the top 5 or 10 businesses in your category then you should know what makes you different. If you’ve taken the time to highlight who you are and the essence of what you bring to the table, then you marry this to your service offerings.

Branding Tip #5 – Identify your best skills, strengths, and abilities-let it all out. This is where an unbiased person could really help you. Your brand should be based around the best of what you have to offer. It’s best to have someone (a marketing strategist) hash this out with you because it’s hard to be objective for yourself.

Ultimately, creating a strong, memorable, compelling, and meaningful brand is essential for successful marketing, and something you can do with a bit of thought, and maybe a bit of help.

HTML Newsletters – 5 Business Branding Tips

Nowadays, there are virtually thousands of online businesses, offering anything and everything under the sun.  So, if you’re just starting out, do you think you can compete with all those other online businesses that have established themselves successfully on the market?  The good news is, yes!  Even if you are a new player on the online market, if you have the right tools and you know how to use them to your advantage, your success is not too far off.  You just need to find your niche and brand your business properly.

Here are five business branding tips that you can use in your online business:

1. Portray a corporate image.

It is very important for even a small business owner to portray a corporate image to its customers. This is important because it will allow your customers to have confidence in you and your product and it will also give them the impression that they are dealing with a professional. Lending a corporate theme to your business cards, letterheads, and other business related tools, will certainly help you in building your brand. It is important for a business to develop its own website as well. This will allow the customers to get more information about you and learn more about your business and what you are selling.

2.  Be unique.

With all other existing businesses, small and large, in the market today, it is very important that your business  stand out from the rest. One way of achieving this is by creating a unique logo and slogan. You need to make sure that your logo and slogan will be used in all of your business related tools especially in your website. Being unique will allow your business to stand out from the rest of your competitors and to be recognized by your customers. It is also very important that your logo and slogan are originally designed, if you use and combine images that can be seen online or elsewhere it will lose your customers’ trust and can have a negative impact on your business.

3.  Be consistent.

In the creation of your brand, it is extremely important that you maintain consistency across all of your business tools. Do not use free images and clip arts in making your logo. You need to come out as original as you can be so that people will not mistake your company for other businesses. Use your brand, logo, slogan, themes and even colors consistently in your website, emails, ads and all your business correspondence. With the power of consistency, your business would go a very long way.

4.  Create a lasting impression.

Make a good first impression with your customers and business associates. It is important that you are professional, this will reflect on how your business operates. Giving a personal touch to every transaction is essential for you to create a good impression. A simple “It was nice doing business with you” will surely give a good impression to your customers making them want to do business with you again in the future.

5.  Know your market.

Knowing your market is essential for you to brand your business effectively. When choosing your logo, slogan, colors and theme for your business, you should be market oriented because this will ensure that you will appeal to your customers. For instance, if you are marketing to young kids and teenagers, then you need make sure that your logo and slogan will be appropriate for their age group. See to it that you choose fun colors and themes to capture your market’s attention. Always take the time to do research to get to know your market so that you can plan your approach in branding your business.

With these tips in mind, you are on your way to effectively brand your business and have people recognize it. Always keep in mind that consistency in your branding can make you and your business go a long way.